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Welcome to the Center

The Gabriel Center is located at 2886 Ringling Boulevard in Gold Tree Plaza @ Tuttle Avenue.

Since 1980, Jim and Becky Gabriel have helped multiple numbers of patients in Georgia and Sarasota and graduated a thousand massage therapists from ASHA, the Academy of Somatic Healing Arts, their
Atlanta massage school.

Their mission is to provide innovative, effective health care services, educational materials and classes as well as holistic health and wellness products for the entire community.


SERVICES The center offers health treatments such as Far Infrared BioMat sessions and Ionic Foot Baths in our Spa Area Monday through Saturdays.

JIM GABRIEL LMT, NMT, SET brings over thirty-five years of clinical and rehabilitative massage experience to the center. His specialties include Neuromuscular and Structural Energetic Therapy. In conjunction with these techniques, he utilizes computer assisted microcurrent to relieve pain, improve athletic performance and facilitate recovery from all manner of musculoskeletal injuries, scoliosis, stenosis, sleep disorders, fibromyalgia, arthritis, migraine headaches and to recondition scar tissue. His website address is:
SUPPLIES The center carries a comprehensive line of holistic and massage therapy supplies, tables and tools, lotions, creams, analgesic ointments, hygienic exam gloves, essential oils and aromatherapy supplies, Far infrared BioMats and alkaline antioxidant water machines. EDUCATION Monthly healthcare classes, lectures and workshops are presented for the community.



“The best is yet to be!”

Join us for a new season of exciting events, classes, workshops, lectures, previews, presentations and parties!

Watch upcoming newsletters/calendars for dates and times:

Tasting Party for Donna’s Divine Organic Chocolate Sauce

Workshops in Creative Cooking with Aromatic Spice Oils

The Mind-Body Connection to Health, Wealth & Happiness

Food Combining for Effective Anti-Aging and Weight Loss

7 Habits of Healthy Alkaline Living

EzziLift Facial Treatments to Stimulate Collagen & Elastin

Manifesting the Life You Deserve & Relating to Relationships

Understanding Hemp Derived CBD and Cannabinoids

The New Frontier in Drinking Water and Hydration

The Power of Salt

 An Art Sale Featuring Local Artists and Others

A Fall Tour of Jim’s Amazing Garden to be Held at His Home

Michelle Turner, well known for her work in organic skin  care will join our outstanding practitioner team on                                                       October1st.

The Gabriel Center will be planting a Peace Pole
on the grounds of Gold Tree Plaza in mid-October.


                         THE ALKALIFE WATER FILTER.

Call 954-0300 to set up a complimentary hour session on the BioMat. You won't believe it until you have actually experienced it for yourself.

FREE Alkaline Water Trial 
Bring in a clean gallon container and take home a FREE sample of health beneficial Alkaline Water!

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                             “The best is yet to be!”


    The Yellow Submarine Organic Food Co-Op is waiving 
     its $20 membership fee until October 15th!! Produce is            delivered every Thursday at the Gabriel Center. 

September:  Exceptional Opportunity -- Peter Holmes - Master Herbalist, 30 yr. Clinical Aromatherapy -- comes to Sarasota!!  2 day workshop on The Energetics of Essential Oils!   Classically trained -- come hear from an expert on the subject of plant medicine!  Contact Patricia Ann Starr: 941-356-7768


 We have recently received a Green Power Juicer at the center that has been placed in consignment. The owner reports that she has used it only five times. Originally priced at $549, she is offering it at $300 or best offer. It is in the original packaging and in impeccable condition. If you are interested, please call, email or come by.

        @941-954-0300 OR EMAIL
2886 Ringling Boulevard @ Tuttle Ave, Sarasota FL 34237
Contact: (941) 954-0300 info@the


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